Your formerly irrational
desire for a vintage car is
now completely justifiable.
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At Kindred we build modernized vintage cars in a wildly innovative way.
In our design center in Marin County, California we spend countless hours prototyping and painstakingly evaluating thousands of design decisions that drive performance and reliability.

Our home grown technology platform helps us map the genome of each model in such detail, that we can manage our workflows in ways never seen before in vintage cars.
Kindred’s integrated supply chain and our scale allow us to build with an unwavering focus on efficiency and quality.
Our leadership team built two successful companies together, one in supply chain and another in technology. Along the way, we’ve been restoring cars, racing on the weekends and gaining all the experience necessary to build Kindred.
The result is a car so well built, that you can just be present in the moment and Enjoy the Ride.